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Who am I?

I’m a former UK school principal, teacher trainer, examiner and currently Head Writer at the popular reading and writing skills website www.literacyideas.com. This website receives almost half a million visits from students and teachers worldwide each month, all eager to gain mastery in reading and writing.


My teaching article was cited as a source in a document providing guidance for New South Wales Department of Education. https://www.education.nsw.gov.au/content/dam/main-education/en/home/teaching-and-learning/curriculum/literacy-and-numeracy/teaching-and-learning-resources/teaching-strategies/stage-5/reading/s5-reading-compare-and-contrast.docx


With 20 years of teaching experience, I have prepared thousands of students for national and international exams all over the world. I have taught in the UK, and now I specialise in preparing students for NSW Selective High School Placement Test in Australia for Emabooks Press.


In our Online Class, we cover the vast array of reading and writing skills required to excel in classwork, homework, NAPLAN tests, and, crucially, in the Selective High School Placement Test. Our lessons are fast-paced, engaging, and interactive, and we work hard to ensure your child is constantly learning and improving. In addition to helping your child improve their literacy skills, our courses are also a great way to boost their confidence and motivation. By seeing their own progress and success, they will be motivated to continue working hard and improving their skills.


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Writing Class

Writing Fundamentals

This is a writing course designed to teach Year 4/5 students the fundamental skills, knowledge, and strategies they need to effectively respond to writing tasks in class and on exams such as NAPLAN, and the prepraration of Selective Test in Year 6. Read More...


Advanced Level (Selective High School Test)

This is an advanced writing course designed to help Year 5/6 students develop the skills and strategies needed to excel on exams such as NAPLAN and The Selective Test. Read More...


High School Level

This is a high school writing course designed to help Year 7/ 8 students develop and improve their writing skills for both classroom assignments and exams (e.g., NAPLAN) in English. Read More...


Sample Class:


Reading Class

This Reading Skills course is aimed primarily at Y5 & 6 students and focuses on helping students to develop the necessary close reading skills required to get the most out of reading a wide variety of text types and excelling at reading comprehension exams in the Selective High School Test. Read More...


Sample Class:

Class Timetable

Time Zone in Sydney

Writing Fundamentals (Y4/5)
Session one Saturday 5-6.30pm
Session two Saturday 7-8.30pm
Writing Advanced Level (Y5/6)
Session one Thursday 7-8.30pm
Session two Friday 7-8.30pm
Writing High School Level (Y7/8)
One session Sunday 7-8.30pm
Reading Selective Test Level (Y5/6)
One Session Monday 7-8.30pm


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